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Astuces sur les filtres (anglais seulement)
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
EspoirNom de l’équipeAnnée de repêchageChoix totalInformationDate de la Dernière TransactionLien
Aapali RasanenEdmonton Oilers2016153
Aaron HuglenOttawa Senators2019109
Aaron KiviharjuTampa Bay Lightning202450
Aaron PionkSeattle Kraken2023169
Aatos KoivuColorado Avalanche202458
Aatu JamsenNew York Rangers2020194
Abram WiebeColorado Avalanche2022222
Adam EngstromNew York Rangers202292
Adam GajanWinnipeg Jets202323
Adam IngramSeattle Kraken202273
Adam JechoNashville Predators202488
Adam KleberMontreal Canadiens 202453
Adam MascherinFlorida Panthers2018100
Adam Werner Colorado Avalanche2016131
Adam ZlnkaColumbus Blue Jackets2022217
Aidan ThompsonTampa Bay Lightning202288
Aiden CelebriniNew Jersey Devils2023190
Aiden FinkPhiladelphia Flyers2023171
Aiden HreschukColumbus Blue Jackets2021103
Aku KoskenvuoSeattle Kraken2021148
Alan McShaneNew Jersey Devils201897
Albert LyckasenCalgary Flames2020197
Albert SjobergNashville Predators2021201
Albert WikmanMinnesota Wild2023142
Albin ErikssonMinnesota Wild201848
Albin GreweToronto Maple Leafs201966
Albin SundsvikCalgary Flames2020166
Aleksanteri KaskimakiMontreal Canadiens 202278
Aleksi Heimosalmi Florida Panthers202140
Aleksi MalinenColorado Avalanche2021204
Alex BumpNew York Rangers2022108
Alex CiernikFlorida Panthers202394
Alex FormentonColumbus Blue Jackets201747
Alex GagneNew York Rangers2021150
Alex PharandChicago Blackhawks2023104
Alex YoungOttawa Senators2020201
Alexander DergachyovMontreal Canadiens 201574
Alexander GordinWinnipeg Jets2020171
Alexander LjungkrantzNew York Rangers202095
Alexander NikishinFlorida Panthers202045
Alexander PelevinSt. Louis Blues2022219
Alexander PerevalovPittsburgh Penguins202275
Alexander RykovSan Jose Sharks2023107
Alexander SuzdalevPhiladelphia Flyers202276
Alexander ZetterbergColorado Avalanche2024104
Alexandr DaryinCarolina Hurricanes2019113
Alexei KolosovMinnesota Wild202188
Alexei LipanovBuffalo Sabres201776
Alexis Bernier Vancouver Canucks202491
Alexis GravelMinnesota Wild201879
Alexnader Siryasky Montreal Canadiens 2024134
Alfons FreijChicago Blackhawks202455
Andre GasseauNew York Rangers2021196
Andre HeimNashville Predators00
Andrei AltybarmakyanChicago Blackhawks201770
Andrei BuyalskyColumbus Blue Jackets202194
Andrei LoshkoBuffalo Sabres202390
Andrew BashaTampa Bay Lightning202431
Andrew CristallSan Jose Sharks202331
Andrew GibsonNew York Rangers202346
Andrew StrathmannAnaheim Ducks2023101
Angus BoothPittsburgh Penguins2022121
Anthony RomaniSan Jose Sharks2024118
Antoine KellerBuffalo Sabres2023220
Antoine MorandBuffalo Sabres201760
Anton JohanssonSeattle Kraken2022107
Anton OlssonChicago Blackhawks202175
Anton SilayevCalgary Flames202411
Aram MinnetianColorado Avalanche2023140
Arno TiefenseeLas Vegas Golden Knights2023157
Arseni SergeevLas Vegas Golden Knights2021174
Arseny GritsyukToronto Maple Leafs2019139
Arseny KoromyslovMontreal Canadiens 2022125
Artem BaraboshaChicago Blackhawks2022212
Arttu KarkiSan Jose Sharks202386
Artur AkhtyamovAnaheim Ducks2020122
Artur CholachSan Jose Sharks2021205
Artyom DudaChicago Blackhawks202248
Artyom GalimovBoston Bruins2020115
Artyom Levshunnov Calgary Flames20244
Austin RoestNew York Islanders2023155
Axel HurtigLas Vegas Golden Knights2023221
Axel LandenDetroit Redwings2023135
Axel RindellToronto Maple Leafs2020177
Axel Sandin PellikaArizona Coyotes202313
Aydar SunievNew York Rangers202367
Ayrton MartinoDallas Stars202170
Barett HallLas Vegas Golden Knights2022179
Beau AkeyFlorida Panthers202350
Becket HendricksonLos Angeles Kings2023111
Beckett SenneckeSeattle Kraken202410
Ben BoydCalgary Flames2021176
Ben DanfordNew York Islanders202447
Ben HemmerlingNew Jersey Devils2022188
Ben MacDonaldNew Jersey Devils2022109
Benjamin BaumgartnerPittsburgh Penguins2020168
Benjamin GaudreauOttawa Senators202197
Benjamin KingsNew York Rangers2022100
Benjamin MirageasOttawa Senators201783
Benjamin RogerLas Vegas Golden Knights202155
Berkly CattonMinnesota Wild20247
Blake BiondiToronto Maple Leafs2020112
Bode WildeColorado Avalanche201841
Bogdan KonyushkovNashville Predators2023112
Brad GardinerLas Vegas Golden Knights202393
Braden HacheAnaheim Ducks2021221
Brady ClevelandNew Jersey Devils202362
Brandon SaigeonCalgary Flames2018140
Brandon SvobodaToronto Maple Leafs202385
Brayden SchuurmanPhiladelphia Flyers2022165
Brayden YagerColorado Avalanche202314
Braydyn ChizenMinnesota Wild2016204
Brendan GuhleNew York Rangers201551
Brennan AliCalgary Flames2022196
Brent JohnsonLas Vegas Golden Knights202183
Brett DavisPittsburgh Penguins2017163
Brett HylandVancouver Canucks2023216
Brian ZanettiVancouver Canucks2021128
Brodie Ziemer San Jose Sharks202482
Brody LambMinnesota Wild2021120
Bryce McConnell BarkerOttawa Senators2022111
Bryce MisleyToronto Maple Leafs2017116
Bryce MontgomeryNew York Islanders2021184
Bulat ShafigullinBoston Bruins201885
Cadan PriceArizona Coyotes202369
Cade Webber Minnesota Wild2019107
Cal ThomasNew Jersey Devils2021190
Calle OdeliusFlorida Panthers202249
Calum RitchiePittsburgh Penguins202328
Cam LundDallas Stars202240
Cam SquiresTampa Bay Lightning2023128
Cameron AllenFlorida Panthers202392
Cameron BergColorado Avalanche2021140
Cameron MacDonaldToronto Maple Leafs2021158
Cameron OneilSeattle Kraken2022129
Cameron WhiteheadSeattle Kraken2022120
Cameron WhynotToronto Maple Leafs202189
Carey TerranceBoston Bruins202376
Carl LindbomLas Vegas Golden Knights2021198
Carsen MusserOttawa Senators2023182
Carson BjarnassonLas Vegas Golden Knights202361
Carson LatimerNew York Islanders2021132
Carson RahkopfNew York Islanders202345
Carson WetschAnaheim Ducks202497
Carter BergerCalgary Flames2019115
Carter GeorgeTampa Bay Lightning202451
Carter SotheranMontreal Canadiens 2023147
Carter YakemchukPhiladelphia Flyers202412
Case McCarthy San Jose Sharks2019106
Cayden Lindstrom San Jose Sharks20245
Cedric GuindonSt. Louis Blues2022137
Chad KrysChicago Blackhawks201645
Chandler RomeoTampa Bay Lightning2021207
Charles-Alexis LegaultOttawa Senators2023150
Charlie ForslundFlorida Panthers2024109
Charlie LeddySan Jose Sharks2022135
Charlie StramelNew Jersey Devils202330
Chase BradleyEdmonton Oilers2020204
Chase CheslockSan Jose Sharks2023174
Chase ClarkPittsburgh Penguins2021138
Chase MclaneTampa Bay Lightning2020217
Chase YoderAnaheim Ducks2020172
Chris PelosiSan Jose Sharks2023100
Chris RomaineWashington Capitals2022205
Christian HumphreysSeattle Kraken2024130
Christopher Paquette Tampa Bay Lightning2016148
Clark CaswellTampa Bay Lightning2024121
Clayton PhillipsChicago Blackhawks201793
Colby AmbrosioFlorida Panthers2020117
Colby BarlowNashville Predators202310
Cole Beaudoin New York Islanders202427
Cole Brady Minnesota Wild2019137
Cole BrownChicago Blackhawks2023168
Cole Fraser Vancouver Canucks2017131
Cole HuckinsPittsburgh Penguins202173
Cole HultsVancouver Canucks2017134
Cole Hutson Pittsburgh Penguins202435
Cole JordanVancouver Canucks2021153
Cole KnubleCarolina Hurricanes2023106
Cole OHaraMinnesota Wild2022169
Cole SpicerVancouver Canucks2022122
Colin RaplhVancouver Canucks202464
Conner RouletteFlorida Panthers202176
Connor Hobbs Washington Capitals2015143
Connor HvidstonLas Vegas Golden Knights2022147
Connor KelleyNew York Islanders2021210
Connor KurthNew York Rangers2022172
Connor LevisNew York Islanders2023219
Connor LockhartSt. Louis Blues2021186
Cooper FosterColumbus Blue Jackets2023198
Cooper MooreAnaheim Ducks2019138
Coulson PitreNew York Islanders202359
Cruz LuciusArizona Coyotes202293
Daimon GardnerLas Vegas Golden Knights2022115
Dalibor DvorskyChicago Blackhawks20238
Damian ClaraLas Vegas Golden Knights202348
Daniel BukacOttawa Senators2017210
Daniel LaatschWashington Capitals2021224
Daniel LjungmanFlorida Panthers2020154
Daniil ButColumbus Blue Jackets202316
Daniil KarpovichPittsburgh Penguins2023114
Daniil PylenkovSan Jose Sharks2021208
Daniil SobolevMontreal Canadiens 2021156
Danil ZhuravlyovVancouver Canucks2018146
Danila GalenyukFlorida Panthers2017200
Danila YurovPhiladelphia Flyers202230
Danill OrlovPhiladelphia Flyers202299
Danny NelsonPhiladelphia Flyers202364
Dans LocmelisSt. Louis Blues2022123
David Bernhardt Philadelphia Flyers2016199
David EdstromFlorida Panthers202336
David GucciardiSan Jose Sharks2022199
David KleeOttawa Senators2023214
David SvozilColorado Avalanche2024144
Dawson CowanColorado Avalanche2024112
Declan McdonnellAnaheim Ducks2020217
Demetrios KoumontzisDetroit Redwings2018107
Denis SmirnovLas Vegas Golden Knights2017156
Dennis BusbyBoston Bruins2018151
Denton MateychuckSeattle Kraken202213
Denver BarkeyNew York Islanders202391
Devin KaplanLos Angeles Kings202264
Dmitri BuchelnikovFlorida Panthers202232
Dmitri KostenkoSt. Louis Blues202191
Dmitri SemykinChicago Blackhawks201890
Dmitri SimachevEdmonton Oilers202318
Dmitry RashevskyOttawa Senators2021161
Dom DivincentiisNew Jersey Devils2022220
Dominic JamesVancouver Canucks2022186
Dominik BadinkaFlorida Panthers202445
Dominik BokkWashington Capitals201825
Dominik LakatosColorado Avalanche2017157
Dovar TinlingPhiladelphia Flyers2021167
Drew FortescueDetroit Redwings202396
Dru KrebsNew York Islanders2021178
Dylan DukePittsburgh Penguins202174
Dylan JamesToronto Maple Leafs202253
Dylan MackinnonBuffalo Sabres202355
Dylan PetersonAnaheim Ducks202089
Dylan RoobroeckChicago Blackhawks2023200
EJ EmeryToronto Maple Leafs202431
Eamon PowellNew Jersey Devils2020120
Easton CowanColumbus Blue Jackets202338
Eduard SaleSeattle Kraken202320
Eemil Vinni Seattle Kraken202452
Eli BarnettAnaheim Ducks2022210
Elias SalomonssonNew Jersey Devils202260
Eliot GroenewolrdBuffalo Sabres2024136
Elliot EkefjardNew Jersey Devils2020196
Elliot EkmarkSt. Louis Blues2020202
Elmeri LaaksoLos Angeles Kings2023199
Emil HemmingChicago Blackhawks202429
Emil JarventieArizona Coyotes2023162
Emil PieniniemiWashington Capitals202398
Emmett CroteauNew York Rangers2022161
Eric EngstrandNew Jersey Devils2020160
Eric FlorchukMontreal Canadiens 2018141
Eric HjorthNew Jersey Devils2019104
Eric PohlkampBoston Bruins2023144
Erik Foley Winnipeg Jets201578
Erik Walli WalterholmTampa Bay Lightning2017195
Eriks Mateiko Nashville Predators2024110
Ethan BowenCarolina Hurricanes2020213
Ethan GauthierSan Jose Sharks202319
Ethan HayLas Vegas Golden Knights2023210
Ethan MiedemaNew York Rangers2023122
Ethan PhillipsCarolina Hurricanes2019101
Ethan ProcyszynColorado Avalanche202480
Evan GardnerVancouver Canucks202473
Evgeniy OksentyukFlorida Panthers2020162
Fabian WagnerArizona Coyotes2022140
Felix NillsonCalgary Flames202351
Felix Unger SorumChicago Blackhawks202379
Filip BarklundNew Jersey Devils2020175
Filip BerglundEdmonton Oilers201691
Filip ErikssonToronto Maple Leafs2023181
Filip NordbergNew York Islanders202274
Filip SveningssonWinnipeg Jets2017208
Filip WesterlundLas Vegas Golden Knights201744
Florian EliasArizona Coyotes2021197
Florian XhekajColorado Avalanche2023108
Francesco Dell'elcePhiladelphia Flyers2023203
Frank NazarFlorida Panthers202212
Gabriel PerreaultMontreal Canadiens 202315
Gabriel SzturcLos Angeles Kings2023167
Garett BrownCalgary Flames2022102
Garin BjorklundColorado Avalanche2020185
Gavin HayesChicago Blackhawks202271
Gavin McCarthyPhiladelphia Flyers202381
George FegarasDetroit Redwings2022103
German RubtsovCalgary Flames201622
Giovanni VallatiNashville Predators2018157
Gleb TrikozovCarolina Hurricanes202263
Graham SwardCalgary Flames2022143
Guillaume RichardSt. Louis Blues2021115
Gunnaswolfe FontaineNew Jersey Devils2020203
Gustav KarlssonCarolina Hurricanes2022170
Gustav Olhaver Colorado Avalanche2015191
Hagen BurrowsVancouver Canucks2024128
Hampton SlukynskyLas Vegas Golden Knights2023125
Hank KempfToronto Maple Leafs2021217
Hannes HellbergFlorida Panthers2023196
Harrison Blaisdell Ottawa Senators2019146
Harrison BrunickeNew Jersey Devils202457
Henry MewsSan Jose Sharks202460
Hiroki GojsicBuffalo Sabres2024115
Hoyt StanleySeattle Kraken2023109
Hudson MalinoskiColumbus Blue Jackets2023166
Hugo GabrielsonVancouver Canucks2021180
Hunter AndersonCarolina Hurricanes2023202
Hunter BrzustewiczOttawa Senators202354
Hunter HaightLas Vegas Golden Knights202251
Ian MoorePhiladelphia Flyers202073
Igor ShvyrevLas Vegas Golden Knights2017125
Ilya Fedotov Columbus Blue Jackets202154
Ilya KonovalovChicago Blackhawks201985
Ilya NabokovMinnesota Wild00
Ilya ProtasDallas Stars202470
Ilya SafonovPittsburgh Penguins2021170
Isaac BelliveauEdmonton Oilers2021135
Isaac HowardAnaheim Ducks202218
Isaiah GeorgeSeattle Kraken202294
Ismael MianscumTampa Bay Lightning2024146
Ivan ChekhovichOttawa Senators2017212
Ivan Demidov Seattle Kraken20242
Ivan VorobyovVancouver Canucks2021212
Ivan Yunin Nashville Predators2024153
Ivan ZhigalovSeattle Kraken2022151
Jack AdamsPittsburgh Penguins2017162
Jack BarPittsburgh Penguins2021106
Jack BeckCalgary Flames2021162
Jack DevinePittsburgh Penguins2022174
Jack EdwardOttawa Senators2022207
Jack GorniakSan Jose Sharks2018120
Jack HarveyTampa Bay Lightning2023192
Jack HughesChicago Blackhawks202258
Jack PerbixNashville Predators2018115
Jack PhelanWashington Capitals2023148
Jack SmithNew Jersey Devils2020105
Jack SparkesCalgary Flames2022166
Jack Walker Toronto Maple Leafs2016152
Jackson DorringtonDallas Stars2022177
Jackson HallumOttawa Senators202092
Jackson KunzNew York Islanders2020118
Jacob BattagliaMinnesota Wild202471
Jacob FowlerEdmonton Oilers202358
Jacob GoldenMontreal Canadiens 2017145
Jacob HolmesMontreal Canadiens 2021159
Jacob JulienBoston Bruins2023154
Jacob OlofssonCalgary Flames201840
Jacob PaquetteNew York Islanders2017222
Jacob RagnarssonColorado Avalanche201874
Jagger FirkusPittsburgh Penguins202225
Jake BoltmannMinnesota Wild202086
Jake ChiassonSt. Louis Blues2021110
Jake FisherNashville Predators2024151
Jake FurlongTampa Bay Lightning2022152
Jake KarabelaFlorida Panthers2022128
Jake RichardMinnesota Wild2022183
Jakob Stenqvist Dallas Stars20161766e ronde
Jakub DvorakChicago Blackhawks202372
Jakub KosSeattle Kraken2021195
Jakub MalekCalgary Flames2021112
Jakub MilotaCalgary Flames2024107
Jakub StanclVancouver Canucks2023120
Jakub VondrasCalgary Flames2022167
James FisherTampa Bay Lightning2022216
James HardiesDallas Stars2020211
Jan BednarPhiladelphia Flyers2020114
Jan Drozg Ottawa Senators2017152
Jan GolicicChicago Blackhawks2024140
Janne Kuokkanen Arizona Coyotes201643
Janne PeltonenWinnipeg Jets2023206
Jared DavidsonBuffalo Sabres2022144
Jared LipinskiNew York Rangers2023121
Jared WoolleyPhiladelphia Flyers2024129
Jared WrightAnaheim Ducks2022178
Jaromir PytlikNew Jersey Devils2020102
Javon Moore Dallas Stars202490
Jay OBrienLas Vegas Golden Knights201819
Jayden PerronSan Jose Sharks202366
Jayson ShaugabayColumbus Blue Jackets2023134
Jeremias LindewallBoston Bruins2020191
Jeremy LangloisLos Angeles Kings202297
Jesper EliassonNashville Predators201884
Jesse KiiskinenSt. Louis Blues202383
Jesse NurmiDetroit Redwings2023127
Jett LuchankoNew Jersey Devils202417
Jimmy ClarkTampa Bay Lightning2023224
Jimmy SnuggerudPhiladelphia Flyers202223
Jiri FelcmanColumbus Blue Jackets2023102
Joachim BlichfeldChicago Blackhawks2016210
Joaquim LemaySeattle Kraken2021131
Joe MillerNew Jersey Devils2020183
Joel Ratkovic BerndtssonCarolina Hurricanes2022182
Joey KeaneSeattle Kraken201888
Joey MuldowneyColumbus Blue Jackets2022185
Joey WillisSt. Louis Blues2023132
Johan SodergranFlorida Panthers2018165
John DahlstromChicago Blackhawks2015211
John FuscoSan Jose Sharks2020189
John Whipple Calgary Flames2024139
Jonathan CastagnaWashington Capitals202384
Jonathan MyrenbergBuffalo Sabres2021149
Joni IkonenPittsburgh Penguins201746
Jordan DumaisMinnesota Wild202267
Jordan GustafsonColumbus Blue Jackets202285
Jordan TourignyLos Angeles Kings2023191
Joren van Pottelberghe Detroit Redwings2015110
Josh DaviesNew York Islanders2022202
Josh FilmonToronto Maple Leafs2022181
Josh NadeauWinnipeg Jets2023156
Josh Nodler Florida Panthers2019149
Josh PillarVancouver Canucks2021141
Joshua EssFlorida Panthers2017221
Juha JatkolaLas Vegas Golden Knights2023126
Juklius MiettinenMinnesota Wild202442
Julian LutzPittsburgh Penguins202246
Juraj PekarcikFlorida Panthers202368
Justin ErtelTampa Bay Lightning202179
Justin GillSt. Louis Blues2023153
Justin JanickeBoston Bruins2021206
Justin KipkieMinnesota Wild2023177
Justin RobidasPhiladelphia Flyers202192
Justin SchutzWinnipeg Jets2018170
Kaden HammellBoston Bruins2023161
Kalan LindTampa Bay Lightning20230
Kalem ParkerDallas Stars2023173
Kamil BernarikChicago Blackhawks202459
Kasper HalttunenPittsburgh Penguins202335
Kasper KotkansaloDetroit Redwings201773
Kasper KulonummiFlorida Panthers202296
Kasper PikkarainenNew York Islanders2024111
Kasper PuutioBuffalo Sabres2020159
Kasper SimontaivalLos Angeles Kings202072
Kassim GaudetBuffalo Sabres2024159
Kenny ConnorsTampa Bay Lightning202298
Kevin BickerNashville Predators2023139
Kevin HeSeattle Kraken2024101
Kevin ReidlerNew Jersey Devils2022156
Kienan DraperChicago Blackhawks2020193
Kiril KirsanovPittsburgh Penguins202181
Kirill DolzhenkovChicago Blackhawks2022116
Kirill GerasimyukSeattle Kraken2021163
Kirill KudryavtsevMontreal Canadiens 2022221
Kirill MaksimovToronto Maple Leafs2017146
Kirill SlepetsFlorida Panthers2019145
Kirill UstimenkoSan Jose Sharks201780
Kirill ZarubinPhiladelphia Flyers202476
Koehn ZiemmerArizona Coyotes202360
Konnor SmithCalgary Flames2023103
Konsta Helnius Florida Panthers202413
Konstantin Volkov Nashville Predators2016168
Kristian MarthinsenChicago Blackhawks2017219
Kristian VesalainenChicago Blackhawks201724
Kristoffer GunnarssonMinnesota Wild2017135
Kyle AucoinMinnesota Wild2020161
Kyle JacksonNew York Rangers2022200
Kyle KukkonenLos Angeles Kings2021177
Landon SimLos Angeles Kings2022197
Landon SlaggertNew York Islanders202081
Lane ZablockiNashville Predators201767
Larry KeenanAnaheim Ducks2023133
Leevi AaltonenFlorida Panthers2019118
Lenni HameenahoSeattle Kraken202341
Lenni KillinenBuffalo Sabres2018103
Leo Sahlin Wallenius Nashville Predators202443
Leon MuggliVancouver Canucks202465
Liam ArnsbyMinnesota Wild2022215
Liam GilmartinNew York Rangers2021182
Liam GormanChicago Blackhawks2018178
Liam NilssonArizona Coyotes2021119
Liam SteeleNew York Rangers2022204
Linus CronholmPittsburgh Penguins2018116
Linus ErikssonNew Jersey Devils2024100
Linus LindstromCalgary Flames201696
Linus Nassen Los Angeles Kings201638
Linus ObergToronto Maple Leafs2020212
Linus SjodinCarolina Hurricanes2022198
Logan CockerillVancouver Canucks2017207
Logan Swayer Montreal Canadiens 202485
Louka Cloutier Toronto Maple Leafs2024158
Luca CagnoniPittsburgh Penguins202399
Luca MunzenbergerSt. Louis Blues202193
Luca PinelliPittsburgh Penguins202382
Lucas ElvenesToronto Maple Leafs2017127
Lucas FischerColorado Avalanche202448
Lucas ForsellArizona Coyotes2021183
Lucas MercuriNew Jersey Devils2020164
Lucas Petterson Anaheim Ducks202433
Lucca MarrelliMinnesota Wild202487
Ludvig JanssonColorado Avalanche2022126
Ludwig PerssonFlorida Panthers202287
Lukas DragicevicSeattle Kraken202344
Lukas MatechaOttawa Senators2023118
Luke CoughlinAnaheim Ducks2023197
Luke DevlinMinnesota Wild2022195
Luke GreenWinnipeg Jets201679
Luke MisaFlorida Panthers2024105
Luke MittelstadPhiladelphia Flyers2021152
Macklin CelebriniAnaheim Ducks20241centre
Maksim SushkoSan Jose Sharks2017107
Maksim ZhukovDallas Stars201783
Maksymilian SzuberBuffalo Sabres2022176
Malte SetkovVancouver Canucks2017103
Manix LandryTampa Bay Lightning2021143
Marcel MarcelBuffalo Sabres2023143
Marcus DavidssonColumbus Blue Jackets201741
Marcus WestfaltFlorida Panthers2018174
Marek AlscherDetroit Redwings2022105
Mark SwansonTampa Bay Lightning2024133
Markus KarlbergPhiladelphia Flyers201887
Markus PhillipsWinnipeg Jets2017118
Markus Ruusu Dallas Stars20151636e ronde
Maros JedlickaFlorida Panthers2022224
Martin HasNew York Islanders2019153
Martin JohnsenSeattle Kraken2022194
Martin MisiakSeattle Kraken202373
Martin RysavyLos Angeles Kings2021209
Mason BeaupitNew York Rangers2022101
Mason LangenbrunnerOttawa Senators2020154
Mateo MannBuffalo Sabres2023188
Mathias From Chicago Blackhawks2016143
Matias RajaniemiNew York Rangers2020188
Mats LindgrenLos Angeles Kings2022110
Matteo FabriziNew York Rangers2023178
Matthew AndonovskiOttawa Senators2023151
Matthew ManiaArizona Coyotes2023115
Matthew MayichSt. Louis Blues2023185
Matthew MordenNew York Islanders2022138
Matthew PerkinsNew York Islanders2023123
Matthew WoodPhiladelphia Flyers202311
Mattias HavelidMinnesota Wild202255
Matvei GrindinNashville Predators202423
Matvei MichkovPittsburgh Penguins20234
Matvei ShuravinPhiladelphia Flyers2024108
Matvey GuskovNew York Islanders2019141
Matyas Melovsky Pittsburgh Penguins2024123
Matyas SapovalivWinnipeg Jets202269
Maveric LamoureuxArizona Coyotes202228
Max McCueMinnesota Wild2021168
Max Plannte Toronto Maple Leafs202462
Maxim BarbashevMinnesota Wild2022163
Maxim MasseColorado Avalanche202422
Maxim MayorovWashington Capitals2022150
Maxim StrbakMinnesota Wild202349
Maximilian KilpinenCarolina Hurricanes2022131
Mazden LeslieLos Angeles Kings2023159
Melker ThelinLas Vegas Golden Knights2023131
Melvin FernstromSan Jose Sharks202492
Melvin StrahlLas Vegas Golden Knights2023141
Merek Vanacker Buffalo Sabres202437
Michael Brandsegg NugardNashville Predators202414
Michael BuchingerPhiladelphia Flyers202286
Michael CallowColumbus Blue Jackets2022153
Michael EmersonNew York Islanders2023187
Michael FisherSt. Louis Blues202291
Michael Hage Colorado Avalanche202416
Michael HrabalEdmonton Oilers202334
Michael KrutilNew Jersey Devils2020113
Miguel Marques Pittsburgh Penguins202469
Mikhail Berdin Winnipeg Jets2016157
Mikhail GulyalevCalgary Flames202339
Mikhail IlyinVancouver Canucks2023152
Mikhail Vorobyov Chicago Blackhawks2015104
Mikhail YegorovNashville Predators202438
Miko MatikkaVancouver Canucks202272
Milos RomanDallas Stars2018120
Milton OscarsonVancouver Canucks2023184
Miro Karjalainen Dallas Stars20141355e ronde
Miska KukkonenNew Jersey Devils2018128
Mitchell Mattson Calgary Flames2016126
Mitchell MillerOttawa Senators2020108
Nate BenoitOttawa Senators2021193
Nate DanielsonColorado Avalanche202312
Nathaniel DayMontreal Canadiens 2023211
Nicholas PorcoNew Jersey Devils2019142
Nick CampoliMinnesota Wild2017158
Nick CaponeChicago Blackhawks2020162
Nick LardisSeattle Kraken202363
Nick MalikNew York Rangers2022136
Nick MoldenhauerPhiladelphia Flyers202295
Nico GrossAnaheim Ducks201898
Nikita GrebenkinCalgary Flames2022139
Nikita GuslistovWinnipeg Jets2021220
Nikita IshmnikovSan Jose Sharks2023176
Nikita PopugaevSt. Louis Blues201798
Nikita QuappLas Vegas Golden Knights2021166
Nikita SusuyevDallas Stars2023218
Nikita YevseyevBuffalo Sabres2022208
Niklas KokkoColorado Avalanche202262
Niklas NordgrenSt. Louis Blues201865
Nikolai Chebykin Toronto Maple Leafs2016182
Nikolai MakarovSeattle Kraken2021145
Nils JuntorpCarolina Hurricanes2022173
Noah BeckPittsburgh Penguins2020199
Noah Dower NilssonNashville Predators202375
Noah EllisMinnesota Wild2020192
Noah LabaToronto Maple Leafs2022117
Noah WarrenPittsburgh Penguins202239
Noel NordhMontreal Canadiens 202374
Nolan CollinsOttawa Senators2022175
Oiva KeskinenSeattle Kraken2023205
Oleg Sosunov Tampa Bay Lightning1782016
Oliver BonkTampa Bay Lightning202332
Oliver JohanssonLas Vegas Golden Knights202177
Oliver KapanenMinnesota Wild202152
Oliver MooreSt. Louis Blues202325
Oliver TarnstromDetroit Redwings202097
Olivier NadeauBuffalo Sabres202198
Ollie Josephson Tampa Bay Lightning2024114
Olof GliffordLas Vegas Golden Knights2023158
Oscar Fisker MoolgardFlorida Panthers202365
Oscar PlandowskiTampa Bay Lightning2021144
Oskar AsplundLos Angeles Kings2023223
Oskar JellvikArizona Coyotes2021154
Oskar MagnussonFlorida Panthers2020210
Oskari LaaksonenCarolina Hurricanes201789
Otto SalinPhiladelphia Flyers2022145
Otto StenbergFlorida Panthers202317
Owen Allard Pittsburgh Penguins202499
Owen BeckEdmonton Oilers202231
Owen BecknerDetroit Redwings2023215
Owen LindmarkTampa Bay Lightning2019151
Owen McLaughlinColumbus Blue Jackets2021215
Owen MehlenbacherToronto Maple Leafs2022213
Owen ProtzNew Jersey Devils2024106
Parker FooVancouver Canucks2017143
Pasquale ZitoBuffalo Sabres2021181
Patrick PuistolaCalgary Flames201955
Patrick Sanvido Dallas Stars20141957e ronde
Patrick ThomasWashington Capitals2023116
Patrik HamrlaBuffalo Sabres2021100
Paul FischerToronto Maple Leafs2023149
Pavel KarnaukhovCalgary Flames2015136
Pavel MoysevichMinnesota Wild202477
Pavel ShenBoston Bruins2018212
Petr HauserCalgary Flames2022141
Petr KvacaBuffalo Sabres2017108
Petteri NurmiDallas Stars2022189
Philip SvedebackVancouver Canucks2021109
Prokhor Poltapov Las Vegas Golden Knights202146
Quentin MillerLas Vegas Golden Knights2023129
Quentin MustyPittsburgh Penguins202326
Quinn FinleyMinnesota Wild202284
Quinton BurnsDetroit Redwings202389
Rasmus KorhonenLas Vegas Golden Knights2021122
Rasmus KumpulainenVancouver Canucks202370
Rasmus LarssonColorado Avalanche2023172
Redmon SavageCarolina Hurricanes202195
Reese LaubachCarolina Hurricanes2022214
Reid DyckCalgary Flames2022171
Reilly WebbVancouver Canucks2017164
Rhett PitlickLas Vegas Golden Knights2019114
Rieger LorenzTampa Bay Lightning202261
Riku TohilaLas Vegas Golden Knights2022211
Riley HeidtOttawa Senators202322
Riley PattersonVancouver Canucks2024125
Riley StottsAnaheim Ducks201886
Robert FlintonNashville Predators2021216
Robert OrrWinnipeg Jets2021124
Roddy RossLos Angeles Kings2019211
Rodwin DionicioNew York Rangers2023119
Roman KantserovSt. Louis Blues202357
Roope LaavainenWashington Capitals2017122
Rudy GuimondEdmonton Oilers2023175
Rushan RafikovCalgary Flames2013187
Ruslan KhazheyevPhiladelphia Flyers2023130
Rutger McGroartyLas Vegas Golden Knights202216
Ryan ChesleySan Jose Sharks202247
Ryan ConmyAnaheim Ducks2023165
Ryan GreeneBuffalo Sabres202250
Ryan HealeyPhiladelphia Flyers2022114
Ryan LeonardEdmonton Oilers20237
Ryan MacphersonBoston Bruins2023193
Ryan McCleaRyWinnipeg Jets2021188
Ryan OReillyTampa Bay Lightning201899
Ryan OconnelDallas Stars2017203
Ryan St LouisWinnipeg Jets2023194
Ryan WalshTampa Bay Lightning2023160
Ryder DonovanBoston Bruins2019121
Ryerson LeedersSan Jose Sharks2024155
Sage WinsteinFlorida Panthers2024141
Sam DickinsonPittsburgh Penguins20243
Sam HarrisMinnesota Wild2023145
Sam LipkinWinnipeg Jets2023183
Sam OreillyVancouver Canucks00
Sam RinzelNew York Rangers202238
Sam StangeDetroit Redwings2020101
Samu BauNashville Predators2023146
Samu SalminenPhiladelphia Flyers202166
Samuel HlavajArizona Coyotes2020206
Samuel JohannessonOttawa Senators2020179
Samuel JonssonVancouver Canucks2022159
Samuel MayerPhiladelphia Flyers2022193
Samuel SavoieColumbus Blue Jackets202289
Samuel SjolundNew Jersey Devils2019123
Samuel UrbanPhiladelphia Flyers2023195
Sandis VilmanisColorado Avalanche2022158
Santeri SulkuDallas Stars2022209
Santori VirtanenEdmonton Oilers2017109
Sasha Boivert San Jose Sharks202419
Sasha ChmelevskiSeattle Kraken2017185
Sasha MutalaDallas Stars2019140
Sawyer MynioWinnipeg Jets202387
Seamus CaseyEdmonton Oilers202252
Sean BehrensPittsburgh Penguins202142
Sean KeohaneColorado Avalanche2023204
Sean TschigerlArizona Coyotes2021101
Sebastian Walfridsson Chicago Blackhawks2017149
Semyon ChystyakovVancouver Canucks2019129
Semyon VyazokoiLas Vegas Golden Knights2021151
Sergei IvanovSt. Louis Blues2022155
Sergei MurashovAnaheim Ducks202282
Servac PetrovskySan Jose Sharks2022201
Shane LachanceSeattle Kraken2021199
Simon ForsmarkBuffalo Sabres2022112
Simon KjellbergColorado Avalanche2018167
Simon KnakPhiladelphia Flyers2021130
Simon Pierre BrunetToronto Maple Leafs2024126
Simon RobertssonLas Vegas Golden Knights202166
Stanislav DeMINSan Jose Sharks201892
Stanislav YarovoiChicago Blackhawks2023136
Stian SolbergMontreal Canadiens 202428
Stiven SardarianBoston Bruins00
Sutter MuzzattiCarolina Hurricanes2023138
Taige HardingNew York Islanders202182
Talyn BoykoNew York Rangers2021105
Tanner HenricksNew Jersey Devils2024122
Tanner HoweNashville Predators202446
Tanner LudtkeNew York Rangers202377
Tanner MolendykFlorida Panthers202327
Taylor MakarEdmonton Oilers2021191
Teddy StigaPittsburgh Penguins202444
Terik ParascakSan Jose Sharks202424
Terrell GoldsmithMinnesota Wild2023113
Theo JacobssonColumbus Blue Jackets2021187
Theo LindsteinChicago Blackhawks202340
Theo RochetteLos Angeles Kings2020177
Theo WallbergSeattle Kraken2022168
Theodor NiederbachArizona Coyotes202038
Thimo NicklArizona Coyotes202085
Tij IgnilaNew York Islanders20246
Tim SoderlundLos Angeles Kings2017112
Timofei ObvintsevNew York Islanders2024143
Timofey SpitserovWashington Capitals2020215
Timur MikhanovFlorida Panthers2023164
Tnias MathurinVancouver Canucks2022154
Tom WillanderToronto Maple Leafs202321
Tomas Lavoie Dallas Stars202483
Tomas Mrsic Chicago Blackhawks2024140
Toni UtunenNew Jersey Devils2018132
Topi RonniMontreal Canadiens 202266
Topias Leinonen Seattle Kraken202234
Trent SwickAnaheim Ducks2024147
Trevor ConnellyMontreal Canadiens 202421
Trevor HoskinMinnesota Wild202489
Trevor JanickeCalgary Flames2019140
Trey AugustineAnaheim Ducks202337
Tristan LennoxPhiladelphia Flyers202171
Tuomas UronenSeattle Kraken2023201
Ty GallagherFlorida Panthers2021219
Ty HenricksNew York Rangers2023163
Ty MuellerVancouver Canucks2023117
Ty MurchisonChicago Blackhawks2021171
Ty NelsonPhiladelphia Flyers202265
Ty SmilanicTampa Bay Lightning202078
Ty YoungPittsburgh Penguins2022142
Tyler BrennanWinnipeg Jets202281
Tyler MuszelikLos Angeles Kings2022206
Tyler WeissNashville Predators2018110
Tyson DyckLas Vegas Golden Knights2022218
Tyson GallowayWinnipeg Jets2021127
Tyson JugnauthWashington Capitals2022106
Vadim MorozCarolina Hurricanes202395
Veeti MiettinenArizona Coyotes00
Veeti Vainio Columbus Blue Jackets2015141
Veeti VaisanenChicago Blackhawks2024119
Victor JohanssonDallas Stars2024157
Victor StjernborgColumbus Blue Jackets2021123
Viggo GustafssonToronto Maple Leafs202494
Viktor HurtigSt. Louis Blues2021179
Viktor PerssonNew Jersey Devils2020195
Viljami MarjalaColorado Avalanche2021172
Vinzenz RohrerFlorida Panthers202280
Visa VedenpaaCalgary Flames2023186
Vitali Abramov Ottawa Senators201665
Vladimir GrudininSeattle Kraken2022130
Vladislav KaraBoston Bruins2017127
Vladislav KotkovWashington Capitals00
Vladislav LukashevichMinnesota Wild2021136
Vladislav YeryomenkoPittsburgh Penguins2018156
Vojtech Budik Buffalo Sabres2016130
Vojtech PortWashington Capitals2023180
Vsevolod KomarovChicago Blackhawks2022148
Vyacheslav ButeyetsNashville Predators2022191
Vyacheslav PeksaMinnesota Wild2021200
Warren ClarkDetroit Redwings2023207
Will CranleyLos Angeles Kings2020163
Will SkahanAnaheim Ducks202472defense
William RousseauDetroit Redwings2023137
William SmithAnaheim Ducks20235
William Stromgren Tampa Bay Lightning202147
William Von BarnekowSeattle Kraken2021173
William WhitelawNashville Predators202380
William ZellersPittsburgh Penguins202467
Wyatt SchingoetheBuffalo Sabres2020200
Yegor NaumovLas Vegas Golden Knights2021169
Yegor RimashevskiyNew Jersey Devils2023222
Yegor SidorovSeattle Kraken202378
Yegor SpiridonovSt. Louis Blues2019117
Yegor SurinBuffalo Sabres202426
Yegor YegorovLas Vegas Golden Knights2023189
Yegor ZaitsevColumbus Blue Jackets2017211
Yegor ZavraginDetroit Redwings202388
Yevgeni KashnikovSan Jose Sharks2021214
Yevgeni VolokhinDallas Stars2023105
Zach NehringBoston Bruins202397
Zachary SchulzSan Jose Sharks2023208
Zakary KarpaDallas Stars2022162
Zakhar BardakovSt. Louis Blues2021211
Zam PlanteNashville Predators2022146
Zayne ParekhSeattle Kraken20248
Zeb ForsfjallMinnesota Wild2023209
Zeev BuiumDallas Stars20249
Zion NybeckLos Angeles Kings202084
jeesi PukkinenToronto Maple Leafs202466
lark CaswellTampa Bay Lightning2024121